All about me(!)

Weelll, my name’s Lydia, you can call me Lyds, squid, anything really i’m not fussy haha. I’m 19 and currently doing a degree in English Literature at Greenwich Uni! I have.. varied.. interests.. I absolutely love music- making it and listening to it. I play guitar a bit and sing, damn I could do a bit of self promo here;) sub to my youtube!

I listen to so much different music honestly, from Bon Iver and John Mayer, to Queens of the Stone Age and The Kooks, to Kendrick to Catfish to My Nu Leng… damn yeah I just really like music:) I’m kinda just a nut for the arts: music, drama, literature, all that shiz. I love reading, and I would love to write for the National Geographic one day.. I know, pipe dream much:’) I just love nature and travel, and adventure, and to combine these with writing would just be an absolute dream. It’s something I need to try and work towards, so here’s to that!

I’m pretty obsessed with makeup, it’s kinda bad how much money I’ve spent on the likes, I just love it so much! There’s something so therapeutic to me in just applying stuff to my face (this sounds so stupid), I don’t know, taking myself from eh to eeyy Β  B)

I love dogs, but yn, who doesnt.

Honestly I have no clue where this is going but yeah, thanks for reading:)

Lyds x

P.s. here’s a cheeky pic of me in the Tate Modern, loves a bit of abstract art.img_5680


7 thoughts on “All about me(!)

      • Ratri Anugrah says:

        I found your blog on wordpress by tags. I just moved to wordpress. I didn’t how exciting this feature is. By the way, I want to be writer for magz too. But more like lifestyle magz or fashion.


      • lydiawheatley says:

        Aw great! I’ve just started too, no idea what I’m doing really:’) that sounds really cool and I don’t blame you for wanting to do that, to be honest lifestyle and fashion would probably be my second choice anyways:)


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