My acne and makeup story (+ pics)


So I thought I would write this blog because it would be kinda interesting to replay this all in my head idk… anyways, here goes!

I never used to wear makeup when I was younger, and by younger i’m referring to the age where girls started to cake on bright orange foundation paired with thick, spidery lashes (shivers) and a thick lip gloss (shivers again). I don’t really think it was a conscious thought really, It just wasn’t something my friends did and I had no interest in it! That’s not to say I felt I was pretty without it – I had awful teeth and the occasional spot and had pretty much zero self confidence, but I just lived with it, I guess.

img_3443Here she is! rip

I think at this point I was just very used to not being ‘pretty’, and not having boys ‘fancy me’, and I accepted it. So when I finally got braces, and I stopped looking like a ‘beaver’ (the boy I had a crush on at a point told me this, also that my nose was like Mt Everest. Whatever, I showed him when I glowed up), I actually got a bit of confidence! I bagged me a boyfriend, and started wearing a cheeky bit of mascara, concealer for the pesky spots, and that was probably it. Here:


It wasn’t till that relationship ended that my makeup branched out a bit, as I felt prettier and I actually started getting attention from boys, and, apart from my boyfriend, this was never something i’d experienced before. I branched out into trying eyeliner and cheap drugstore tinted moisturizers and powders, but that was it. I think my REAL descent into the makeup world was after I got my braces off, and felt amazing. I still kept it cool, but I took more pride in what I looked like for sure. Here:me-for-blog

Soon after, however, I got pretty bad acne (boo). I think it was caused by the stress of a preettyyy bad break up (rip). I took refuge in youtube and tutorials to cover the acne, and on came the real makeup stage. I started testing out foundations, buying cheap eye shadows (girl was on a budget), high coverage concealers, thinking about contour, etc, and although now, looking back, I didn’t really cover the spots well, I remember feeling so much better about myself. For anyone who has experienced or is experiencing acne at the moment, you will know that it just gets you down. It makes you feel ugly, self conscious and obsessed with covering it and ugh, just horrible. Thankfully, mine wasn’t as bad as cases I’ve seen on some people, but when you have to deal with it every day it just feels so much worse, especially when it just. doesn’t. budge. It’s like a constant thought in the back of your head the whole time, and it really got me down. Here it is on one side of my face, bearing in mind it was like this on the other too:


And my attempts to cover it left me with cakey makeup and those visible lumps UGH. I also ended up applying more makeup to my face and basically it just wasn’t a good look:memememeem-for-blog

Not very flattering I know…. But it was at this point that I got better makeup and did it better.

Anyway! I went on antibiotics which didn’t seem to do anything at all, and then I ran out, but my skin was still bad. sigh. However, I got to uni and within a few weeks, and I don’t know whether this was the after effects of the antibiotics or whaat, but it started to go away! HALLELUJAH. I’d been struggling with it for so so long, and it just kinda, left. I mean, that’s not to say I don’t still get spots, because I definitely do! And my natural complexion isn’t perfect, but for once in a long time, I’m happy with how I look! I have amazing makeup, I can apply it well, I have scarcely any spots to cover and I count my lucky stars every day honestly ā¤ Here’s me now with natural makeup, looking HaPpY :)))


SO YAH, sorry this is so long damn hahaha it’s like a life story oops… Basically yeah, keep trying with stuff like acne because IT WILL GO AWAY EVENTUALLY and stay confident because I did (ish) and it helps you stay on the positive side:)

Lyds x


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