Lil’ Primark Haul

Sooo, I’ve been meaning to pop into Primark for ages now, I’ve been watching so many hauls on Youtube and it’d made me super excited to see what I could get…

I didn’t buy loads, but I just wanted to share with y’all what I got! (also sorry the lighting is nottt ideal)

Firstly, I’ve been working out more at uni recently and needed some actual trainers as my Adidas superstars don’t quite cut the mustard… I didn’t really want to spend loads when I’m not that dedicated so I got these!


They were Β£10, size 6 and have a memory foam sole, which is exciting πŸ˜‰ They’re meshy and just super comfy and lightweight and hella cheap so yeah, happy with them πŸ™‚

Next I got the cuutteessttt lace bralette and pants set in baby pink which are just TOO PRETTY wow.


This set was Β£5. Β  5 POUNDS LIKE CMON. I am rather top heavy so I had to get a large just to cater for the bralette (which did actually come up a bit small). The undies are like a french or Brazilian style (idk) andΒ although I’m usually a medium, I got large just to match the bottoms but ah well, room for growth eh, Easter coming up so I’m aboutta get THIK.

Just a boring one, I got some black bikini bottoms to match a black top I have from Missguided, so yas.


So these only cost Β£2, which is just so cheap. They tie at the sides all nice woohoo.

Next up, some acrylic makeup draws and organiser. I have SO MUCH makeup, so these only fit a couple of bits, but I do need some kind of system and less mess so they’re helping!

The drawers cost Β£4 and the organiser was Β£2, which I just find so cheap! Vv happy with these lil’ guys!

Next up was this contour brush.


So this was a very cheap Β£1.50. It’s quite funny looking, with half being duo-fiber and the other just white hairs, but it’s very soft with no hairs coming out or anything. I’m still yet to try it but it looks good! πŸ™‚

Last of all was this tiny Candle!


It only costed Β£1 and smells so gorgeous, just a really nice fruity, fresh scent:) And of course it’s in this cute little vintage style jar with a metal lid!

So yeah, that’s been my haul! I didn’t buy that much as I didn’t have much time, but i’m really impressed with what Primark has been stocking recently! Definitely worth checking out πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

Lyds xx


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