Morphe 35o Palette Review

I was lucky enough to be recently gifted with the Morphe 35o palette, so I thought I’d just do a quick review for those perhaps considering buying it or a Morphe palette with different shades. What initially drew me to this palette was it’s warm red and brown toned shadows, which I have been really loving recently. It features light beiges to warm and cool toned browns, to vibrant oranges and reds and their deeper counterparts. The matte shades have some lovely pigmentation and are very easy to work with. Costing around the £23 mark (from cult beauty) I expect some good pigmentation and blendability, however I wouldn’t say it was better than my Ciate or naked palette in these areas. Having said that, I think you get what you pay for: 35 shadows; which are of good quality, coming to just £0.65 per pan. The shimmer shades are gorgeously creamy, and are even more beautiful when used with a wet/setting sprayed brush.


Morphe 35o Palette

There is a great balance of mattes and shimmers, which I love. Some of the shimmers are thick and vibrant, while there are a few finer duo chrome-type shades in there too. You can make so many different looks with this palette, whether than be a neutral browny look, burnt seinna/ orange toned, red and burgundy with gold, there’s a lot you can do. PLUS there’s some excellent brow shades, I have blond/brown hair and really struggle to find a good shade so I’ve been using the shade 3 down, second one across. There are shades in there for darker and blonder hair types too.

There is some fall-out on some shadows, and they’re not all as pigmented as they can be, but I do really think that for the price this palette is excellent for the anyone- whether you’re a beginner or more advanced. I would definitely recommend!

I would also just like to disclaim that this post is not sponsored 🙂 (I wish).

Thanks for reading!

Love Lyds xx

PS let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do a separate post with swatches!


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