£2 Rose Gold Brush Set Review


So I recently bought this super cheap eye brush set from amazon! They really remind me of the Zoeva rose gold ones so I figured, as they were only £2.09 with £1.20 delivery, I may as well try them out. And I’m actually really impressed! There are 4 duofiber brushes and the rest are white bristled, and they’re all super soft with no bristles falling out thus far!


Here’s the duofiber ones. One slanted fluffy brush, one denser fluffy brush, a slanted eyeliner/eyebrow brush and a tiny ‘lil flat brush.



Here are the white ones. Two pencil-type brushes, one flatter fluffy brush, a middle sized fluffy brush, a slanted fluffy brush and a big ole fluffy brush (my fav). 

When I unpacked them they had a veerryy distinct smell of paint which wasn’t ideal, so I gave them a quick wash and now they’re fine! So far I’ve only used the big and middle sized fluffy brushes, the more square pencil brush and the duofiber slanted brush, and they were really lovely to use, especially the big fluffy brush which blended everything so beautifully!

So here’s the look I did, it’s a kind of burnt sienna sunrise type dealio with a pretty badly done eyeliner 😉 if you want some kind of tutorial on this look then lemme know!

17203507_1327571990639081_2008570049_n17198068_1327571993972414_1133612544_n17160316_1327571987305748_497609418_n17125171_1327572000639080_6905827_nSo yeah, I would absolutely recommend these brushes! They don’t feel heavy like a really expensive brush but from what I can tell so far they do a great job, especially for the cheap cheap cheap price. I also love the colour soo much ❤ Here’s a link to them:


Also just so you know this is not sponsored 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Love Lyds xx



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