5 Things People Don’t Know About Me

Hello everyone πŸ™‚

Iv’e been super busy this week and barely had any time to sit down and write a post, so I thought I’d get all personal and do 5 things people don’t know about me!

  1. I still sleep with a teddy bear

So I’m not ashamed about this in any way, I’ve had a ‘lil ted since I was about 8ish that my mum gave me, that my dad had given her, and I still sleep with him! His name is scruff and he smells of home πŸ™‚ I live away at uni so I love having him with me, and when he’s not reminding me of home he’s a constant comfort to me. He goes on the floor when my boyfriend/friends come to stay because you know, don’t want overcrowding πŸ˜‰ but I don’t find it anything to be embarrassed about, and I can sleep fine without him, I just choose not to. πŸ™‚

2. I talk to myself A LOT.

Everyone talks to themselves, but I really converse… It keeps me sane!.. Kinda πŸ˜‰

3. I’ve watched all 6 series of Sex and the City through over 5 times.

NO SHAME. Considering eachΒ series has an avg 15/20 episodes, I am proud. If you haven’t watched them, you need to. It taught me so much about life and expensive shoes and everything a woman, and man, should know. I might start re-watching again actually… πŸ˜‰

4. I am SUCH a wimp.

Like seriously, everything scares me. Seeing an advert for a horror film will leave me unable to sleep for days, and I wont ever forget the stuff… It’s weird and it’s bad but you know, life.

5. I feel lonely a lot.

I have great friends and family and an amazing boyfriend, but sometimes I just feel lonely. It’s not very nice but I feel like it’s something everyone experiences, and the feelings usually go away as soon as I’m back with the people I love! But it sucks to feel that way.

So yeah, I actually found it difficult to think of things to list! There’s a lot of stuff about me that people don’t know, but some stuff you wanna keep private you know πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!

Love Lyds xx



3 thoughts on “5 Things People Don’t Know About Me

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