My Makeup Wishlist

So I am ALWAYS lusting after makeup, but when I sat down and attempted to whittle down the things I really wanted I could barely think of anything! But I did eventually and I’ve made a list of what I’d love to buy when I get the money/am gifted them ( 😉 ) as well as why! Warning: there are quite a few palettes 😉 Soo in no particular order:

1. Huda Beauty – Textured Shadows Palette -Rose Gold Edition – £56.00


So I’ve seen this palette ALL over Instagram, and for good reason too. It is SO stunning and I’d really love to try it out. The shimmers look really buttery and bright and the matte shades are gorgeous, I love the dark burgundy, red and pink shades. Matte black is a great shade to have also, and I can tell I’d get so many looks out of this palette. Shame the price is so steep :’)

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills- Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette – £41.00

eeeeee (2)

This one is obvious, everyone and their mum wants, or has, this palette, and rightly so! The burnt orange and red shades, as well as the vibrant pink and warm browns are just too pretty, and in reviews I’ve seen them to be really buttery and pigmented, with the shimmers being ultra bright and impressive. Not only that, but the packaging is mauve and furry, like, what else do you need? 😉

3. Tartelette in bloom clay palette – £36.00

712 (2)

This palette is so pretty! The pink and nude shades in both matte and shimmer look so cute and lovely, and the darker brown shades mean you can deepen those looks, as well as make darker and more wintry looks, which I love. And look at that giant mirror! 😮 For £36 its a lot cheaper than the former two, so probably a lot more realistic for me 😉 Plus Tarte has some really popular and well reviewed products, such as my next…

4. Tarte shape tape contour concealer – £19

2573 (2)

Again, everyone loves this concealer, and I’m sure I would did I own it! Anything that promises and shows such amazing coverage is something I’ve gotta try out. My dark circles are REAL and gal still suffers frequent breakouts so I’d love to try this concealer and get all those issues covered! Also, as the shades go so bright, It would be amazing for highlighting! For £19 though I may have to stick with drugstore alternatives for the time being…

5. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – Beeper – £9

COLPOPBEEPER1_grande (2)

Having already owned Colourpop’s ultra matte lip in Chi, I know how amazing the formula for these liquid lipsticks are. They sit on the lips so beautifully and comfortably, without getting too dry or flaky at all. I’ve seen this shade on a youtuber I love – Sophdoesnails, and it looks super pretty on her so I’d love to try it out myself!

6. TOO FACED – Better than sex mascara – £19

277-3004910-80021_M (2)

So this is another crazy hyped product, and one that I’d love to try. Being ‘blessed’ with ultra short eyelashes I’m constantly on the lookout for a mascara that will not only lengthen and volumise, but also thicken; which this mascara claims to do! Like most of the products I’ve mentioned, It’s very expensive for what it is, but then again, if it really is as good as everyone says, then hopefully it’ll be worth it!

So yeah, that’s my (shortened) wishlist for now! If you’ve tried any of these products or have any other recommendations for things you think I should get my hands on then let me know! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Love Lyds xx


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