My March/April Favourites!

Hey guys! So this post is pretty much covering my March and April favourites, I forgot to do a post at the end of March y’see so this is overlaying into April but yknow, who cares 😉 I hope you enjoy!

  • Makeup Obsession shadow in shade ‘Paris’

So I’ve seen this makeup brand advertised everywhere, and I’ve been so eager to try it out! The idea is you buy a palette, and then fill it with your own choice of eye shadows, blushes, contour/bronzers. highlighters and lip products, and for quite cheap! I’ve always loved the whole personalised palette idea, but decided I’d try out one of the shadows before I committed to a whole palette. The shadow I bought was in shade ‘Paris’, a red/brown shade, and I was SUPER impressed with it! The pigmentation was insane and it blended so beautifully, for £2 I wasn’t expecting something so high quality! I’ll definitely be re-purchasing some more pans from them, the highlighters swatched beautifully so I reckon they’re next!..

  • Revlon colourstay (normal/dry skin) shade Buff

This foundation has been my SAVIOR ever since I started using it. Having constant break-outs and oftentimes red patches on my face, I’ve been searching forever for a foundation that gave me the coverage I needed, as well as having amazing staying power and working well on my dry skin. This foundation does all that! It leaves my face so well covered, dewy looking and layers really well. Cant get enough of this foundation and would recommend it for anyone with similar skin to mine (though they do it for oily skin too and it’s apparently really good!)

  • Revolution Focus and Fix – Eyebrow shaping kit in Medium

I’ve been searching for a brow powder to suit my blond/brown eyebrows foreverrrr, and it didn’t really suit me having to bring my Morphe palette around with me everywhere just to use the nice taupe shade… So when I found this handy little kit I was super chuffed 🙂 It has a shade perfect for me, as well as three others and a clear gel, brush and mini tweezers, AND a mirror, so I’m really happy with it! The shades are really nice and pigmented too and it was hella cheap so I’m loving it. 🙂

  • Ardel Demi-whispies

THESE LASHES. UGH. I love them so much. For someone like me with really short lashes, when I’m trying to achieve a glam eye look for a night out or special occasion I want fluttery and long lashes, and these ones don’t disappoint! They’re just really pretty, easy to apply, reuse well, and are super fluttery and volumous. Lots of love for these lashes.


  • Clearasil Blemish + Marks Treatment Cream

Gal gets spotty often, lets not pretend spots just don’t happen… To keep this short, I love this cream. It really helps keep my spots tame and under control and has recently been making them just go away, which, by previously being an acne sufferer, doesn’t usually happen easily. Woo hoo!


  • Ebay Rose gold brush set

I did a review on this brush set recently, and have been enjoying them since! There are a couple of the brushes, like the big thin blending brush and the smaller and tighter blending brush, which I have been getting most use out of, and I really love them. For such a tiny price, they’ve seriously impressed me in the way they blend my eye shadow. Loving them!


These three are my favourites in the set!

  • Collection – Velvet Kiss liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Caramel’

Ahh this liquid lipstick is pretty dreamy… It’s a really lovely nude/pink shade and applies really easily and smoothly. Not only that, it smells like actual caramel, really sweet and pleasant, which is nicer than the paint smell some others have! It doesn’t survive food well but it reapplies well and dries down to a lovely comfortable matte. Really enjoying this lipstick!

  • Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray

I’ve just switched to this setting spray after using the Nyx Dewy Finish one, which didn’t last me very long at all… This Revolution one is cheaper and bigger, and sets my makeup just as well! I find that I’m barely getting oily during the day and my makeup stays looking as good as it did when I first applied! Big ups.


So yeah, these are my favourites for March/April, I hope this post inspires you to go and check out the items for yourself!

Thanks for reading!

Love Lyds xx


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