My Dream Job

There are a few things that you begin to love in your early childhood that sticks with you into your older years. Seeing as my older years currently only consist of being 18, I’ve got the rest of my life to carry these loves into. However, being this age, I’m expected to begin deciding what I want to do for the rest of these years, and they say you should make sure you do what you love. I’ve always loved writing; I used to write crappy stories about ghosts and romance in the little notebooks I had dotted about my room, which turned into stories about events that happened in my life. My A-level in Creative writing alongside another in English literature had me writing mystery stories, with extensive descriptions of nature, hoping to sound ‘poignant’ and ‘pretty’, when these landscapes would simply be the ones inside my head. My love for nature influenced this writing, and the more I wrote, the more my wanderlust blossomed. Imagine being able to write about beautiful places that weren’t just mirages inside my head!

I got the idea for my dream job whilst on a night out in Piccadilly, London. I was speaking to a man who’s job was to be paid to travel to all these amazing paces abroad and write about them, working for National Geographic. I pictured that yellow rectangle in my head, the symbol for the organisation that had strengthened my love for life and nature throughout my childhood. I imagined the crisp pictures on the glossy pages, of other-worldly places I imagined I’d never be able to visit. I often tried to envisage the feel of the air in the throats of the photographers, the dilating pupils that took in the beauty of a world they’d never seen before.

I’ve always wanted to experience the Earth from somewhere wider than a book, or the tv screen, getting the beauty of the place down in words that painted a picture of the beauty of a place millions would never be lucky enough to see. So that’s the dream! Travelling and writing for National Geographic. To me that’s the perfect job. We’ll see huh.

Love Lyds xx


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