Common makeup criticisms, and how to reply to them

‘You don’t need to wear makeup, you look pretty without it.’

Aw thanks! I know I do! But I like how I look with it on, so thanks for the input.

‘You wear too much makeup.’

I appreciate your opinion but kindly shove it up your arse šŸ™‚

‘You waste soooo much money on makeup.’

Money enjoyed, used and appreciated is never money wasted.

‘We’re only going to Asda, do you need to be wearing makeup?’


‘So, do you always wear that much makeup?’

No, I wear makeup if I go out, it’s intensity depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going. I spend PLENTY of time bare faced in my pj’s, don’t worry.

‘Why do you wear so much makeup?’

Because I want to. On one hand, it makes me feel better about myself, confident and fierce. On the other, I cant get enough of the feeling of creative freedom when I’m using makeup. It’s therapeutic and enjoyable and I love it in ways I can’t explain ā¤

‘Who are you trying to impress?’



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